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Multi use Strap Locks / 4 Pcs

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Products Details

Multi Use Strap Locks / 4 Pieces When your baby starts crawling and walking, he/she would be so eager to discover things up with a sense of curiosity. In this period, it is very common for your baby to reach and spoil many household items when they are digging cabinets drawers etc. By providing multi-purpose strap lock, You can keep your curious baby out of trouble and provide a safe and sound environment for them with multi mpurpose strap lock. Usage Areas: Drawers, wardrobes, cupboards, household appliances, closet seat lids and such doors with its double sided tapes. Can be removed without making any marks to surfaces. You can clean the tape pieces by rubbing them with a cloth or the tip of your finger. Shipping: Remove the protective double-sided tape on the product. Before sticking the product to the surface, clean the area with a cloth, and then press to the product with your finger for a while to stick the multi purpose strap lock successfully . For a long term usage, we recommend families to launch multi purpose strap lock from its double sided tape and wait 24 hours. With its Latch mechanism design , you can easily open multi purpose strap lock with your single finger. Warning! The product is only for cautious, always needed parental supervision. Install the product, where your baby can not reach. Do not use multi purpose strap lock for any other purposes.



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