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  1. Multi use Strap Locks / 4 Pcs
    44,00 €
    Multi Use Strap Locks / 4 Pieces When your baby starts crawling and walking, he/she would be so eager to discover things up with a sense of curiosity. In this period, it is very common for your baby to reach and spoil many household items when they are digging cabinets drawers etc. By providing multi-purpose strap lock, You can keep your curious baby out of trouble and provide a safe and sound environment for them with multi mpurpose strap lock. Usage Areas: Drawers, wardrobes, cupboards, household appliances, closet seat lids and such doors with its double sided tapes. Can be removed without making any marks to surfaces. You can clean the tape pieces by rubbing them with a cloth or the tip of your finger. Shipping: Remove the protective double-sided tape on the product. Before sticking the product to the surface, clean the area with a cloth, and then press to the product with your finger for a while to stick the multi purpose strap lock successfully . For a long term usage, we recommend families to launch multi purpose strap lock from its double sided tape and wait 24 hours. With its Latch mechanism design , you can easily open multi purpose strap lock with your single finger. Warning! The product is only for cautious, always needed parental supervision. Install the product, where your baby can not reach. Do not use multi purpose strap lock for any other purposes. mehr dazu
  2. Windows Lock
    44,00 €
    This product prevents kids falling from Windows. Once you stick the lock to main frame beside the window, this provides comfort, secure days and nights. How to use: Make sure the surface should be clean and dry. Stick the labeled part just side to the chosen window. Open or close it manually. Make sure that once you stick the window lock, wait 24 hours for long and safe usage. mehr dazu
    43,00 €
    "It is designed to help children avoid the common dangers they face in the home environment. It has a wide range of safety products. In this set, there are a total of 26 safety products for your baby. With this set your house will become more secure. Products inside; 2 door stopper, 6 prismatic, 4 mini multi-purpose lock, 2 toilet seat cover lock, 6 grounded socket protector, 4 aadet corner protector, 2 rail lockers. " mehr dazu
    44,00 €
    "This product is designed to prevent children from opening the drawers. You can use your drawer without drilling or screwing. With your drawer closed, mark it first, facing the front and side faces of the edges, then remove the top surface of the double-sided tape and affix it to the marked area. Allow to dry for 24 hours if possible to ensure strong adhesion of the lock. " mehr dazu
    44,00 €
    The cooker and oven in your kitchen are designed to help you to close the gas buttons and keep them safe and secure. Compatible with all hob and oven gas buttons. There are 4 pieces in a box. mehr dazu
    44,00 €
    Use to lock the toilet cover. One side is attached to the toilet seat and the other side is to the toilet cover. So your kids can't open the toilet seat cover. mehr dazu
    44,00 €
    A child safety belt designed for mothers who are concerned that their child will be lost in crowded places. This product prevents your child while walking away from you. mehr dazu
  8. Magnetic Cabinet Lock
    44,00 €
    No damage to furnite - authentic 3m adhesive tape included in the package no tools or drilling needed. Your kitchen cabinets, drawers or cupboards will stay as good as new without any scrathes. Keep your baby safe it can be installed almost anywhere with the secured 3m tape to keep your locks in place! in the bathroom, kitchen, under the sink, on drawers, living room, bedroom cabinet doors and more. mehr dazu
    44,00 €
    With the vacuum, install it on the car glass and adjust it according to the viewing angle of your child in the rear seat. Its have to 360 degrees rotating mirror, it provides maximum viewing angle. So you can check the safety of your children at any time. mehr dazu
    44,00 €
    "Baby on Board sign on the rear window of the cars. Easily attached to the glass with the vacuum feature, the font warns other drivers in a witty language. Drivers who have seen Baby on Board sign are more careful to your little friend. Especially baby safety in car is very important. " mehr dazu

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