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  1. Baby Teething Scarf&Tie
    44,00 €
    You can use this lovely product to any type of baby clothing. Double gain: Both your baby will have excellent stylish apperiance and he/she will soothe himself/herself with the teether part. Soft silicone part on the product will help your baby soothing himself/herself during the teethering period. There is rustling paper inside the scarf that makes sound. It attracts your baby's attention and helps your baby to spend pleasant hours. Suitable for hand washing. Material: Tip part: BPA and phthalate free. mehr dazu
  2. Breastmilk Storage Bags
    44,00 €
    Sorgt für einen gesunden Erhalt der Muttermilch. Verfügt über ein auslaufsicheres Verriegelungssystem. Gefrierfähig. Lagerbedingungen: Kann bei Raumtemperatur zwischen 6 bis 8 Stunden, im Kühlschrank bis zu 72 Stunden, im Gefrierschrank zwischen 3 bis 6 Monaten aufbewahrt werden. So wird sichergestellt, dass Ihr Baby über eine lange Zeit hinweg mit Muttermilch ernährt wird. mehr dazu
    44,00 €
    During the feeding times your baby can eat freely as he/she wishes. Your baby does not make dirty her/his clothes and around with bib. It can washable in washing machine at 30 degrees. mehr dazu
    44,00 €
    "The disposable bibs are perfect for home or travel use. It protects your baby's clothing during feeding, has a crumb catcher and waterproof. Easily fastened with neck fixing strips." mehr dazu
  5. Soothing Teether Sock
    44,00 €
    It is specially designed for babies who are in teething period. Babies mostly tend to soothe their gums with their feet, therefore, Babyjem teething sock is ideal product for your baby to sooth his/her gums. BPA and PVC-free, food compatible silicone structure helps your baby to relieve gum pains and itches. Soft Terry fabric texture, is a toy that both keeps your baby’s feet warm and comfortable, and helps your baby to soothe his/her teeth. You can easily let your baby wear it with its soft sock form. It is recommended for hand washing and washing machine at low temperature. mehr dazu
  6. Melamine Feeding Set
    44,00 €
    With the cute patterns on the bowl and spoon, your baby will spend pleasant time during his/her meal hours. Special design for toddler’s size and portions . The plate has wide sides so that your baby can easily take his food to his/her spoon. Spoon is just designed for your baby's tiny hands. It helps your baby to speed up the habit of self-eating. Made of melamine Not suitable in a microwave usage. Do not wash above 30° in the dishwasher. Proper to clean in the sterilizer. Be sure to wash before each usages. Package content: 1 bowl, 1 spoon. 100% melamine. mehr dazu
  7. Non-Drip Baby Cup
    44,00 €
    Help your baby, for the transition from baby bottle to cup drinking. Its special designed tip, does not leak when your baby is drinking, shaking, lying on a flat surface. non-collapsible nipple design for your baby’s sweet bites. Specially designed handles will help your baby hold them in comfor with their little hands. Can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher or/and hand with soapy water. Can be sterilized. mehr dazu
    44,00 €
    During the feeding times your baby can eat freely as he/she wishes. Your baby does not make dirty her/his clothes and around with bib. The uses is easily and practical. It can washable in washing machine at 30 degrees. mehr dazu
  9. Muslin Cloth With Wooden Teether
    44,00 €
    It does not irritate your baby's skin with its double-sided cotton soft muslin texture. The natural wooden teether ring on the bib’s edge is very ideal for your baby when he/she is in the teething period. With its cotton structure, muslin fabric takes all the wetness and keeps the collar parts dry during intense salivation problem in teething period. It has well designed adjustable stids so way easy to fit to your baby's neck. Muslin cloth can be washed both with Hand or in the washing machine wash on warm temperature. Wood part is made of 100% beech wood. You can use olive oil for the wooden part’s care. 100% cotton. mehr dazu
  10. Silicone Pacifier
    44,00 €
    Silicone Pacifier • One-piece silicone pacifier. • Supports development of palate and teeth. • Silicone teat tip material expresses your baby, as if he/she is sucking his/her mother. • Helps your baby not to have a habit of thumb sucking. • Provides bonding (mother and the baby) and natural absorption. Allows families to bond with their baby by placing the finger on the pacifier and helping their babies to suck the pacifier. • Designed to enable the natural development of babies' teeth and gums. • The symmetrical shape of the flexible silicone teat, fits and soothes your baby's growing palate, teeth and gums. • Compatible to be sterilized in the sterilizer machine. Either place the pacifier to the the sterilizer or dip in and out to a boiling water for sterilization. • Made of platinum cured silicone. WARNING: • Before each usage, carefully inspect the pacifier by pulling it to all directions, if there is a damage do not use it. • Never attach ribbons, strings, etc. to the pacifiers for finding it easily. This may cause dangerous situation like choking or so. • Do not leave the pacifier under sunlight or close to heat surfaces, or keep it in the sterilization for longer than recommended. • Before using for the first time, leave it in boiling water for 5 minutes, then let it cool down and squeeze out the remaining water by squeezing the spout. This is mandatory for hygiene. • Clean the pacifier before each use. • Never dip the pacifier to the sweets or to the medicines, this may cause rotten teeth. • Do not panic if the pacifier is stucked and not coming out from your baby’s mouth; Special designed pacifier won’t be swallowed anyhow. You can carefully and gently remove it from your baby’s mouth. • Always use the pacifier under adult supervision. • Store the pacifier in a dry and sterilized container. • Better to clean by washing with warm water. Do not use the abrasive cleaning materials or antibacterial cleaning materials to the pacifiers. mehr dazu

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